Visitor Visa

Most of the visitors can stay up to 6 months in Canada. But they’ll put date you need yo leave in your passport. They might also give you a document, called a visitor record, which will show the date you meed to leave by. It an adorable and adventurous place to visit. It has different monument, ethnic places, most beautiful Niagara falls, etc. Every city has it’s own way of expressing it’s beauty

Beside aparts, if you don’t get a stamp in your passport, you can stay for 6 months from the day you entered Canada or until your passport expires.

As this country has half covered in forests. During summers, Niagara falls is the best place to visit which is probably an elegant view. For magic, fancy imagination visit Quebec city which is really a beautiful place available with all the french things which tickles your fancy the most. Many thousands of places to explore with some new experiences.